Cast Aluminum Mailboxes

A perfect finishing touch that makes a memorable first impression! Let The Mailbox Guy™ install your custom, cast-aluminum mailbox. From the best-selling Orleans and Louisiana mailboxes to the unique Uptown Girl and Horse-head mailboxes... Choose your favorite style and finish, and let us do the rest!

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WE INSTALL MAILBOXES! Let The Mailbox Guy install your custom mailbox and add the perfect finishing touch to your home. Our rust-free cast aluminum mailboxes are not only functional, but attractive as well. With hundreds of mailboxes in stock, we offer an extensive selection including wall mount, standard, and double mailbox styles. All of our mailboxes are available in various finishes, including custom hand-painted antique finishes. We also offer gold or silver aluminum numbers to install onto mailboxes with address plates. The beauty of our cast aluminum mailboxes is that we're able to repair them. If a mailbox is struck by a vehicle, in most cases we are able to repair it at our location.

Featured Mailbox Styles

Cast Aluminum

Our outdoor courtyard is filled with many different rust-free cast aluminum products. From mailboxes and monkeys to planters and patio sets, the choices are nearly endless.

Sugar Kettles

With hundreds of Louisiana-style cast iron and fiberglass sugar kettles in stock, we have the largest selection in the south, and we'll ship them anywhere.

Home Furnishings

We offer a huge selection of home furnishings ranging from well-known brands to unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Come see the difference at Brian's!