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    Finish / Price
    Unfinished $269
    Black $319
    Glossy Black $329
    Black w/Gold Accents $329
    Hammered Copper $329
    Antique Green $329
    Antique Pewter $329
    Antique Terra Cotta $329
    White $329

    27" Fluted Urn Fountain

    We have a large selection of water fountains because of the popularity of our Sugar Kettles. This simple 27" Fluted Urn Fountain has a single pipe in the center of the urn that allows water to be pumped from a kettle or pond into the urn and over the sides, back into the kettle or pond. The urn is made of rust-free cast aluminum so you can enjoy the sounds of the water for many years.
    Dimensions (base): Base-12"x12"
    Dimensions (height): 27"
    Dimensions (length): 21"
    Dimensions (width): 21"
    All dimensions are approximate; prices are subject to change.

    Stock Number: A1586

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